The Bradesco Organization is committed to the transparent and contributory relationship with all its stakeholders, privileging dialogue, in a way that maintains its reputation and reinforces attributes such as reliability and solidity. It is no different with its employees: the permanent idea is to ensure a healthy work environment, respect for differences and recognition, as well as opportunities for development and growth.

The defense and protection of human rights is a principle of the Organization, publicly declared in the Code of Ethical Conduct and in its Human Resources Management Policy, which establishes guidelines on the form of relationship between internal and external public and indicates the criteria to be considered in decisions.

Learn more about our practices on pages 132 to 159 from Bradesco's Integrated Report.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our company was founded in 1943 and our innovative strategy was to assist small businesses, public servants and low-income people, which was not a market trend at that time.

As a career bank, we believe in people development. Our workforce represents the diversity in Brazil and the sustainability of our businesses and investments is a result of our strategic planning and unique profile.

We emphasize the importance of diversity in our Code of Ethical Conduct, Human Rights Policy, Human Resources Management Policy, Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Training and Development Policy. These principles guide our Organization and reinforce our commitment to the UN Global Compact and to other international human rights standards.

The Sustainability and Diversity Committee is the highest instance of Diversity and Inclusion in our Organization. Members of the Board of Directors and of the Board of Executive Officers work on it, under the coordination of a Vice President, who advises the Board of Directors regarding the performance and strategy on the subject.

Teams from multiple areas of the Organization are involved in our Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, whose purpose is to support and provide information to the Sustainability and Diversity Committee, reinforcing the importance of the topic in our activities and businesses.

Employees who work voluntarily discussing and suggesting actions on their respective themes, which are reported to the Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion, form the Gender Affinity, Accessibility, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Groups.

There is a Diversity Management Team in our Human Resources Department to connect working groups and manage initiatives related to the representativeness of our workforce. They have an important role in promoting real inclusion, this way we believe that our employees will reach their full potential in an atmosphere of respect and acceptance.

Our first learning solution about the theme was the Diversity Online Course, available to our employees since 2002. Currently, further online training courses such as "Diversity as a Leadership Strategy" and "Diversity in favor of relationships" strengthen the importance of the topic and encourage empathy in the workplace.


Remuneration of Women to Men

Employee Level

Ratio (= average female salary/average male salary)

Executive level (base salary only)


Management level (base salary only)


Management level (base salary+other cash incentives)


Non-management level



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