We support the social and economic development of Brazil and its people through an extensive banking network with a presence in all municipalities of Brazil-including branches, service offices (PAs) and banking correspondents (Bradesco Expresso)-and through our various digital and remote service channels, providing millions of people with access to financial services.

However, we recognize we can do more, and use our expertise in the financial services industry to promote and support education and financial inclusion. In a win-win relationship, our efforts on this front promote the bankarization of an increasing number of people and support the responsible use of money and credit. On our part, we deliver on our commitment to financial sustainability and social responsibility, and strengthen our relations with partners, customers, future customers and the broader community.

A number of different initiatives are focused on education and financial inclusion, from web portals dedicated to the subject, through social media content and lectures with support from our employees, to Bradesco products and solutions designed to facilitate access to credit. An example of these products is microcredit, an inclusive product for small businesses that gives entrepreneurs a boost by providing funds to purchase goods and equipment or as working capital.

On the internet, our Financial Education Portal features educational content organized by subject (Organizing your finances; Learning to save; EducaKids, etc.) and other interactive tools. The portal provides sign language translation for the hearing impaired. Another available education channel is the Saber para Crescer (Learning to Grow) Facebook blog, which has more than 500,000 followers.

In 2018, we also launched our MEI Portal, for people who are or are looking to become sole proprietors, and an Investment Portal with educational videos, simulators and information about investment products, providing financial education to investment clients and non-clients.

Unibrad, our corporate university, recently launched its own web portal, providing any person connected to the Internet with access to articles, news and courses online, such as our personal finances course. In social media, Bradesco publishes a range of videos and clips on the subject, addressing real-world issues with guest economics experts. Unibrad also fosters a culture of prudent money management and responsible credit. Alongside the website, the university offers learning solutions and educational programs for micro-entrepreneurs, public and private school students, residents in low-income communities, indigenous tribes and riverside communities in the Amazon, and other audiences.

The Unibrad Semear program was launched in 2018, a partnership with the Bradesco's Volunteering Program and social enterprise Carlotas. The goal is to develop community skills in financial education and socio-economic competencies. The project began with training for volunteering employees. Volunteers then trained public school teachers as financial education facilitators for third grade primary school students.

The Insurance Group portal provides simulators for life insurance, pension plans, auto insurance, travel insurance, and other products. With these tools, customers enter their personal details and can find out which products are best suited for their profile. Communication channels are also available to consult specialists about the responsible use of products and services, financial education and responsible consumption. Our "Long Live Longevity" portal (vivaalongevidade.com.br) also publishes a variety of articles on financial education.

Since 2010, we have organized Regional Bradesco Events in underdeveloped locations. These events are open to the public and include workshops facilitated by the Bradesco Expresso commercial team about responsible borrowing and other products and services, and about managing personal finances. Participants also receive special educational materials. Since 2015, the project has had more than 75,600 participants.

The numbers of these projects and other initiatives can be seen on pages 183 to 186 of our Integrated Report.


Some of our products are exclusively for small and medium-sized enterprises within Local Productive Arrangements (APLs)-groups of businesses and projects within a given area that specialize in the same production activity and have some form of integration and governance.

Bradesco is the only private organization in the financial services industry to participate in working groups for APLs as part of a Federal Government initiative. Bradesco's participation in the movement led to an agreement with the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) and a syndicate of international banks to offer a financing package exclusively to these businesses. In 2018, Bradesco raised a three-year US$ 300 million financing package from the IFC with a maturity of three years. We also offer other products such as stock replenishment loans and microcredit.


In addition to products, we also provide solutions that make it easier for people to access banking and credit. Our Bradesco Expresso and service point (PA) network provides a banking presence in municipalities with a limited offering of banking products and services, including 1,461 municipalities without any other bank available.

We continue to operate our floating branch aboard the Voyager V, which travels on the Rio Solimões (river) between Manaus and Tabatinga, in Amazonas. The touring branch makes life easier for approximately 250,000 people-mostly indigenous-living in remote areas in northern Brazil, who previously had to go to larger cities to withdraw cash and for other banking business. Our floating branch also helps to boost the local economies of these 50 riverside communities and 11 municipalities. Bradesco is also present in remote communities in the Amazon within protected areas. This initiative is part of a partnership with Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) and reaches more than 4,000 people. Unibrad has implemented financial education and entrepreneurship initiatives in 397 communities.


Access other initiatives and their impact on pages 187 to 189 of our Integrated Report.



A pioneering initiative, Bradesco's MEI portal (mei.bradesco) offers a portfolio of financial and non-financial solutions that assist micro-entrepreneurs in their day-to-day business activities.

In 2019, a new feature was launched that allows users to open their MEI accounts using the Bradesco app. A MEI account offers bene-fits that include a tailored service package, business checks, factoring (cards, checks and trade bills) and targeted microcredit. On the platform, users can also access content and services developed by our partners in the initiative.

The platform (mei.bradesco) was launched in 2018 as a provider of financial and non-financial services for sole proprietorships-including Bradesco customers and non-customers-assisting them in managing their businesses, opening sole proprietorships and developing as entrepreneurs.


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