Bradesco also develops and supports projects that promote education, culture, sports, health, social development and environmental preservation.

Details about the projects and their impact can be found on pages 190 to 196 of our Integrated Report.


More than six decades ago, our belief in the transformational power of education led us to undertake a commitment to Brazil.

In 1956 we founded the Fundação Bradesco, which provides free, high-quality education to children, teenagers and young adults in socially vulnerable areas. The brainchild of Bradesco's founder, Amador Aguiar, the Fundação Bradesco was one of the first private social responsibility programs in Brazil and today is the largest social and educational program in the country, recognized globally for its consistent track record of results.

With a mission of promoting social inclusion through education and championing educational best practices, the Fundação Bradesco manages 40 schools that help to better the lives of 90,000 students, of which 90% are from the local communities surrounding the schools. The remaining 10% are Bradesco employees or their children.

Fundação Bradesco schools are present in all states of Brazil and the Federal District.

The Foundation works across the education spectrum including early childhood, primary and secondary education as well as associate-level professional education. It also provides young adult education and initial and continuing education, with courses that support employability, income opportunities and entrepreneurship in our communities.

Currently, most students are in Basic Education (46%) and Initial and Continuing Adult Education (48.9%). Among students attending Early Childhood and Primary Education, the average grade-passing rate is 96%.

In addition to education, we also provide accommodation, food, uniforms and other assistance to students. Headquartered at the Cidade de Deus Campus in Osasco (SP), the Fundação Bradesco employs more than 3,000 people-including 1,500 teachers. 


With more than 30 years of activities, this program supports the development of children and youth through women's basketball and volleyball. The program promotes health and develops talents at all Fundação Bradesco schools, at municipal sports centers, at state and private schools, and at our Sports Development Center-all in Osasco (SP). Around 1,500 girls aged 8 and up participate in activities annually as part of Training and Specialist Programs. To be eligible to participate, students must be enrolled in school. Participants also receive civic education instruction-including guidance on preventing drug abuse and unwanted pregnancy-and students at Specialist Centers are offered health insurance, transportation, food, an allowance and other benefits.


Bradesco is a partner of Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS), whose mission is to protect the Atlantic Forest while improving the quality of life for communities in the region.

In 2019, Bradesco contributed the equivalent to R$ 3.5 million as part of the partnership. In a decade of activities, FAS has developed an ecosystem services compensation program that has become a global benchmark for poverty reduction and environmental preservation in forest areas. The program benefits around 40,000 people in 581 riverside communities located within 16 protected areas, covering a total area the size of Portugal. In 10 years, the average income of people living in these communities rose by 202%, and deforestation fell by 76%.

Check out other projects and their impact on pages 195 and 196 of our Integrated Report.



Bradesco provides free after-school activities to vulnerable children and teenagers in greater Curitiba (PR). The program includes medical and psychological care, as well as musical appreciation, singing and choir lessons for children aged 7 to 12. In 2019, the program benefited 400 children and teenagers at eight children's homes and three public schools. At the end of the year, the children attending musical lessons star in the Bradesco Christmas Pageant through the windows of the historical building Palácio Avenida, which houses our head office and a branch in downtown Curitiba (PR).


Bradesco has been a partner of Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica since 1989. In 2019, Bradesco contributed more than R$ 1.2 million to the organization. Among the initiatives we have implemented in partnership with the organization is native tree planting.


Our Corporate Donation Policy, Corporate Sponsorship Policy and Standard on Donations and Sponsorship establish guidelines governing these practices at Bradesco. No donations are made in Exchange for favors and/or seemingly as compensation for any type of service. Sponsorship is provided to programs and projects that resonate with our values, including quality, security, society and environmental protection.

Sponsorship with the intent to conceal corruption, influence peddling or money laundering-or where the sponsored organization is involved in unlawful acts-is strictly forbidden. The standard and policies are available for reference on our Investor Relations website.

See pages 197 to 201 of our Integrated Report for more detailed information.


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