With a strong customer focus, we work to provide convenient, efficient, fast and secure service to all customers, offering solutions that are ideally suited to each customer's profile and needs. Our primary goal is to deliver the best possible experience-whether in person or digital-and achieve the highest level of satisfaction with the Organization.

Bradesco has a segmented service structure staffed by professionals who provide customized service to both individual and corporate customers.

We also invest systematically in technology and innovation to create digital solutions that make customers' routine interactions with Bradesco more user-friendly and streamlined.



Bradesco uses an approach that places the customer at the center of our decisions, making them more effective and transparent. We adjust our systems, products, services and solutions to make them increasingly aligned with each customer's needs.

Concurrently, primary sources help to capture customer feedback and consumer perceptions and identify future trends so we are able to anticipate solutions, leverage possibilities and multiply opportunities.

We periodically conduct customer and competition surveys, primarily using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology.

A widely used, proven methodology, NPS measures the degree to which customers are loyal to Bradesco and would recommend us, our service channels, products and services. The survey is conducted at a national level and covers all seg- ments in which we operate, in both Retail and Wholesale.

In addition to NPS surveys, we also conduct continuous and one-off surveys using a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, such as: Brand and Communications Tracking, Neuroscience, Usability, Channel Satisfaction, Product and Service Concept Testing, Mystery Shopper and Customer Communities.

These surveys help us to gain a better understanding of trends, habits and mindsets, assess customer perceptions of our brand, and develop products and services that meet their needs. With 2017 as base 100, our NPS customer survey performance improved by 25% in 2019.



To ensure our efficiency and performance indicators continually improve, in 2019, we began developing a new model designed for continuous, mass capture of customer perceptions at each stage of the customer's journey and experience with Bradesco. We want to take a step beyond mere metrics. By looking closely at all touch points, we can increase the level and quality of information about consumers' needs and expectations, which is crucial in improving customer relationships and increasing satisfaction.

The path to this transformation is a long journey, but we have already made significant strides together with our leadership. We want to be seen as a company that makes life easier for customers, shares in their challenges and helps them to pursue their dreams.



Our Quality Committee helps to translate customer perceptions and preferences into effective actions to improve products, services and solutions, establishing a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

This governance structure generates engagement and commitment across all departments and organizational levels within Bradesco. The committee's working groups, commission and executive committee are composed of multidisciplinar representatives of all functions, who directly or indirectly contribute to providing customers with a superior experience at Bradesco.

Within the Quality Committee, feedback from surveys and complaints provides insights that help to identify the root causes of problems. Working groups then translate these insights into corrective actions to ensure greater effectiveness and a better customer experience, an essential step in building loyalty and evolving our products, services and processes.

The Quality Committee assesses consumer perceptions and recommends continuous improvement plans, ensuring that customers are provided with the best experience and the best journey.

Learn more about our initiatives on pages 160 to 173 of our Integrated Report.


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